Five on Friday

It’s Friday. It’s practically the weekend, you know. And if you’re not allowed a little bit of fun on a Friday, then we don’t know what day you can have fun on. Well, maybe a Saturday.

And what do we do for fun? We write lists, of course! So, here’s five things that rocked our world this week. We may well make this a regular blog. Although that depends on how much fun we have doing it…

  1. 1. Getting the PR Box website up and running at last. We love the design! We love the colours! We love life!
  2. 2. South African wine. We’ve been immersing ourselves in wine this week – not literally, of course. Thanks to a new client, rather than for just for our drinking pleasure. We’ll tell you more about this cool brand when they officially launch.
  3. 3. Lebanese and Syrian food at Knightsbridge’s Yamal Alsham.Yes, we may be helping out with the PR, but it really is a hidden gem of a restaurant. The food is amazing – meat cooked to perfection. We were treated to a lovely spread, go and check it out if you’re in the area.4. Lando Norris winning the CIK FIA KF World Championship. The 14-year-old showed the older racers how it’s done by taking the title. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Check out the other blog to find out more about him.
    5. The Newsroom. A few of us have got into this brilliant drama with Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer. Set in the newsroom of a TV station, it’s set around real life events that rocked and shocked the world. Check it out on Sky!

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