Five on Friday

We’ve been too snowed under with work of late to update this section every week, but have multi-tasked to such an impressive degree over the past few days that we think it’s about time we cobbled another Five on Friday together. So, here are five things that rocked our world this week!

1. Wine. We love a good red at the best of times, but our love for the drink has increased ten-fold over the past few months as we got to work on the Cape London wine brand. An online wine retailer with some amazing stories behind the wines and wineries in its portfolio. Check them out if you get the chance.

2. Madonna. The world was left ‘Frozen’ (see what we did there?) in its tracks after Madonna’s big fall at the Brit Awards. ‘Oooooooh, that dancer’s getting the sack,’ was heard on sofas across the globe. But like the old trooper she is, she got up and carried on. And within minutes there were jokes and memes doing the rounds just to make her and the dancer/stylist/entourage feel even worse this morning. But how ‘Hung Up’ about it will Madonna be?

3. Child prodigies. We have just taken on a very talented young musician who will be making great waves – as well as sweet music – around the world. We’ll tell more when we can!

4. One knife or two? Move over cappachino, skinny latte and Americano, there’s a new taste in town. Butter coffee. Yep, that’s right, coffee with butter in.  A double espresso with butter and coconut oil to be exact.
With research showing that fat is better than sugar for us, it’s a hit with those looking to keep the weight off and even being touted as a breakfast substitute.
Despite sounding pretty rancid to everyone in the office, the US fad has been finding its way into some UK coffee houses. Unsurprisingly, it’s billed as an acquired taste – with first timers often finding the drink is followed by a bout of diarrhoea. It’s enough to put you off your coffee….

5. Charlie Hebdo. The satirical magazine that lost 12 staff in the Paris terror attacks in January has got another issue out onto the newstands.
This time its cover features a bishop, a banker and Far-right leader Marine Le Pen among other well-known characters, depicted as a pack of snarling dogs.
What an amazing job they’re doing. Despite losing their editor, friends, some of France’s best-known cartoonists and being under 24-hour police protection, they are getting a magazine out – and the print run is up from around 25,000 before the attacks to some 2.5million now.
Yet the Charlie Hebdo magazine and staff are unable to move into its new Paris location until the offices have been bullet-proofed and secured. Brave and dedicated every single member, but the frightening price of a free press.

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