Five on Friday

Another busy week for us here at HQ, with one of the team helping The Sun newspaper on a big exclusive, while a couple of new clients also joined the roster. But with so much going on this week around the world as well, it’d be rude not to put together another Five on Friday. So here are the things that made our week!

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 17.57.421. Lidl knocking a fifth off the price of their One Direction Easter Egg following the ‘world-ending’ news of Zayn’s shock departure from the band. It got them something in the region of 24,000 retweets and was the latest in a long run of recent brilliant marketing ideas used by the supermarket. Eggcelent stuff, but about time the other supermarkets bucked their ideas up we think.

2. Finding out our logo was being put on the MSA Formula car of Lando Norris for the season. Love it! 

3. James Corden’s Golden Ticket. How do you explain how you got the presenting job on the Late Late Show to a US audience who haven’t a clue who you are? You pretend you won a Golden Ticket Willy Wonka-style and rope in a host of stars for a very clever and funny sketch, of course.

4. New clients.  Nice to have a couple of shiny new clients sign up this week. We’re only happy when we’re busy! 

5. Thousands lined the street to watch……a King – who had been dead hundreds of years – get buried. Only in Britain. Ridiculously, people queued up for hours to get a glimpse of Richard III’s body carried past in a coffin in Leicester this week. Some crazier people from the around the world flew in, especially. We’re not sure what’s the better story here, the King’s bones being found under a car park, or the hoo-ha surrounding the funeral. 


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