General Election Change

Back in the days when members of The PR Box team were local journalists or later, working at press agencies, the General Election was one of the busiest times of the year.

In the lead-up, prospective candidates and parties would keep journos on the road with their new found enthusiasm and time for fighting local causes.

Then, on Election day itself, we’d be busy writing and filing stories all day and all the way through the night to get the latest news and numbers in the morning’s papers.

Fast forward to our time on national publications and things were just as chaotic, but we were more likely to be found sifting through thousands of stories and photos filed to us looking for the gems that would shape the next day’s news, or following up on the angles that our editors wanted us to focus on.

This General Election has been different but just as interesting, having now started The PR Box. As we still work closely with many national newspapers, we’ve been asked to help out in all sorts of interesting ways over the past few weeks.

We’ve interviewed a number of Green Party candidates; been on the road with a UKIP candidate; interviewed ‘members of the public’ who have shaped previous General Elections and been asked to find couples who have different political views and are voting for different parties.

And on the day of the actual election we were up late again – but thankfully, this year it wasn’t for work, but to watch the drama unfold on TV ourselves for a welcome change.

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