We make a splash with wave energy firm Wavepower


BBC news and radio features were among the excellent coverage we secured for new client Wavepower.

Adam Norris, a former Hargreaves Lansdown director worth around £200 million, set up Wavepower to build a floating device capable of using the sea to make electricity.

Just a year into the project and with £50m to invest, the company is already looking to recruit 30 more talented engineers to help take their plans to the next stage.

And after two of the UK’s biggest wave energy firms went bust in the past year – and in the wake of the Paris climate change agreement – it’s seen as a timely boost for the industry.

“Our goal is to make a device that can make electricity at a commercially viable price,” said Mr Norris, 44. “We also hope to make a difference to mankind.

“We have travelled all over the world and spent a lot of time looking at various wave energy ideas and feel we can make a huge impact in the wave industry.”

Mr Norris, from Glastonbury, sits 516th in the Sunday Times Rich List.

He founded Pensions Direct at the age of 26, before financial advisors Hargreaves and Lansdown acquired it – and later listed on the FTSE 100. The company is now worth over £6billion.

After ploughing millions of pounds into dozens of start-ups through his next company Horatio Investments, 18 months ago he decided to focus all his energy and resources into renewable energy, believing his vast wealth and engineering background “could make a real difference.”

The father-of-four set up Wavepower with co-founder and CEO David Rubie-Todd, 26. They have brought together a team of experts and engineers from the wave industry, including electrical and structural design engineers, hydrodynamic experts, numerical modelers and production specialists who share their vision of bringing a floating point absorber device to fruition.

Some of the UK’s best hydrodynamicists have spent over a year of computer simulation designing their concept, progressing to a stage where the company is now ready to quadruple in size.

The PR Box was delighted to help the company push out its message and recruitment news and is looking forward to seeing what other media coverage it gets for them as they look to make a big splash in the wave energy industry.

(pic image by David McFarland)