It’s a Dog’s Life! The Amazing Tech Shaping the Future of our Pets!

We are thrilled to have been working with Mave on our latest tech product Animo.

The pet gadget is the brainchild of Dr Nick Hill – a Cambridge University quantum physicist turned inventor who runs Sure Petcare – selling more than a million smart reading products for pets around the world.

His latest hi-tech product Animo gives us a real glimpse of the future Рand is set to revolutionise the way we understand our dogs.

A fitness and wellness tracker worn on a collar, it records and monitors health and wellbeing by collecting data on the dog’s sleep patterns and activity levels, as well as how often it barks, shakes and scratches, giving owners amazing insights into their behaviour and feelings.

Already securing the company coverage in the Independent, Daily Express and Metro, we have some more press and TV on the way.